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Mount Timpanogos Utah, June 22, 2013

Mount Timpanogos Temple

Mount Timpanogos Temple

June 22, 2013

The Day after Summer Solstice, the Day Before the official “Super Moon” (Full moon at perigee.)  Not my best moon shots, but not bad considering I decided on it at the very last second.  There were only about 12 of us up there trying to take this same shot. Some with cellphone cameras. Good luck with that. One gal was working way harder than the rest of us, I hope she got better shots than I did.

Shoot Details:

Camera: Pentax K10D (Pentax)
Count: 108 Images
Format: 10 Megapixel
Medium: ISO-100, ISO-400, ISO-800, ISO-1600
Light: Night
Month: June
Season: Summer
Year: 2013
State: Utah
Country: US

Mount Timpanogos Temple Gallery

Boise Idaho, December 30, 2008

Boise Idaho Temple, December 30, 2008

Boise Idaho Temple

December 30, 2008

After stopping for dinner, Paige and I headed back to the Boise Idaho Temple just in time for sunset. Car troubles and detours aside, this photo set was well worth the trip.


Shoot Details:

Camera: Pentax *ist DL, Pentax K10D
Format: 10Mp ISO-100, ISO-200, ISO-400, ISO-800; 6Mp ISO-200, ISO-400, ISO-1600
Count: 161 Images