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Manti Utah Temple

Manti Utah Temple Photography – 1997-2012

Brian Olson Temple Photography 1997-2012

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My History: The [Name] Temple

My first Visit to the Manti Utah Temple was near the end of an exterior cleaning and refurbishing project. There was scaffolding on 2 sides of the temple still. I remember feeling a little dissapointed, as The drive had been over an hour. Yeah, what a wimp right? I also rembmer this one visit to the Manti Temple where it was dusk, and the lights were just coming on, and the sun was setting… Ah, it was beautiful. And I had left my camera at home. Let that be a lesson to you. Always take the camera. I still don’t and always miss the best photos.

Thoughts on The [Name] Temple


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Photography by Brian Olson