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Mount Timpanogos Temple

Mount Timpanogos Temple Photos by Brian Olson

Brian Olson Temple Photography 1997-2012

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My History: The [Name] Temple

My first visit to the Mount Timpanogos Temple for the purpose of taking photographs was in December of 1997. It was the first temple that I ever stopped to take photographs of.  I had been on my way home from a family Christmas party and came over a hill to see the temple bathed in a soft white light filtering through the clouds. Everything else around it was in darkness. I drove home, quicker than I probably should have and grabbed my camera, a Chinon Bellami that had belonged to my grandmother. I arrived back at the hilltop to find the temple still illuminated in similar, though not quite as dramatic light.  I think I took one decent photograph that day, but that one did the trick. 15 years later I have been to 73 temples, over 340 separate visits and over 24,00 photographs. 70 of those visits and 2,800 of those photos at Mount Timpanogos Temple alone

Thoughts on The [Name] Temple

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Photography by Brian Olson